The 7 Day Cold Shower Only Experiment

People who would shock their body with every day cold water shower are rare.

Somepeople start their days with shower, other part are finishing their day with shower (prefer to shower before sleeping). However, people who are showering every day with cold water are very very rare.

Nick Green decided to do exactly that, by the way he says that he loves long showers with hot water. He also claims while he is showering he thinks best and he is makes best decisions.

Cold Water Showering

Even though there are evidences that showering with cold water helps with the losing weight, it keeps the skin tightened, helps with the mental health and it is recomended to people who are doing intensive sports. Green decided to test that on it’s own skin and too see how cold water showering will affect on him in period of one week.
He got used to enjoy in the hot water, and as he says, first 15 seconds of the showering seemed like eternity.
However, he decided to shower for two minutes. He breathed fastly, and then slowly he started to relax.
After the showering he was full with energy and more productive then usual. He would sit on the table and make a list of tasks for the day.

Cold Shower

Nick claims that the week was very successfull and he decided to start every day with cold water showers.

“I don’t want showering with cold water, but i like the feel after them.” – Nick Green


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