2 Years No Alcohol and Caffee: The result is amazing

One brave man decided to do something which most of us would consider it impossible – he stoped consuming alcohol and coffe.

Many of us are giving up, but only the bravest and the most persistent are continuing with their healthy habbits after long terms of time.

Tobias van Schneider, designer from New York, decided to give up from two of the biggest vices – coffee and alcohol.

Tobias stoped consuming alcohol and coffee.
Tobias van Schneider gave up alcohol and coffee for 2 years and more.

At the same beginning Tobias noticed that his social life has started to fall apart.

You don’t really go out anymore. It’s exhausting to explain again and again why you don’t drink and NO also one drink is not okay.
When a group of people asks me to join them for drinks, I mostly default to answer with NO because I just don’t want to deal with gossip as a sober person.” – he says for The Independent.

Not only that his body has changed (positively), but also and his wallet. Tobias claims that he managed to save up to 500$ per month.

After stoping with these vices, Tobias also claims that his sleep quality has significantly improved and he was waking up with noticable increased amount of energy than before.

Similarly, removing coffee from his diet meant that he felt more relaxed.

Tobias admits that the drink always made him feel stressed out, increased his chance of anxiety and also caused problems with his digestion.


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