These 5 Common Habits are Ruining your Health

While you may be feeling young, wild, and free, your decisions today directly impact your life down the road. No one’s perfect and it’s good to be open to change, but when it comes to your health, there are certain things you just can’t argue with. Science proves that certain behaviors are linked to well-being and longevity, while others affect you negatively, causing suffering now and even later in life.

We are repeting some of those habits every single day and with that we are jeopardizing our health.

These five habits are the most common, but only smart part know the consequences from doing them.

1. Crossing legs

Long term seating with crossed legs can increase the blood pressure, this can lead to extended veins and damage to the leg nervs.


Habits - crossed legs.


2. Bad quality sunglasses

Not only that they are not protecting you from the UV rays, but with the light leak you can get retina damage, cataract and eye damage that can lead to cancer!

Habits - low quality sunglasses

3. Drinking too much water

Even though we are constantly reading that we should drink a lot of water, fact is that every human is different and needs different amount of water. If you are physically active, ofcourse you need a bigger amount of water. But if you have kidney or heart problems, you should never over drink water!

Habits - over drinking water

4. Drinking milk with low amount of fat

Removing the fat means a removing a lot of vitamins that milk contains in it selfs. At the end of the processing, you are drinking some sintetic supstance that is not usefull for your health at all.

Habits - drinking low-fat milk

5. Not sitting correctly

For those who are spending the most of the time in front of the computer, must pay attention on the way they are sitting. You should never sit leaning forward or totally lying backwards. On thay way you are pressing the abdominal organs and risking to get pain and spine curvature disorders.



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