5 Habits that are Making us looking Older

Aging is inevitable. It also brings with it several types of health problems including obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Plus, with age, the skin becomes thinner and drier. This leads to fine lines and wrinkles, increased pigmentation, loss of elasticity and firmness, and dull skin.

At times, body starts showing aging signs sooner than you might expect. Several environment, lifestyle and dietary factors can cause premature aging. This makes you look and feel older, faster.

But by taking care of your skin and overall health, and avoiding certain day-to-day habits, you can prevent premature aging.

Here are some of those habits…

1. Watching too much TV

Family Enjoying Meal Whilst Watching TV

One study shows that for every hour spent in front of TV we are shortening our life for 22 minute. No mamter if you are seating or lying, you should take a walk in every half an hour and stretch yourself.

2. Too much stress

Chronical stress is damaging  the cells and it speeds up the aging. Try to be more calm and to reduce the blood pressure.

3. Not sleeping enough

Habits - not sleeping enough

Adults should sleep at least seven hours at night. Lack of dream effects on the way we think, how we deal with others and what we eat. If we have not slept enough then we are eating more unhealthy food and we are more nervous.

4. It is too hot in your room

Habits - hot room, dry air -> Wrinkles

Overheating your room will cause drying of the air, which will also cause skin drying and wrinkles. The normal temperature in your room should be around 22-23 celsius degrees.

5. Sleeping on side

Habits - sleeping on side.

When our head is pressed on the pillow, the wrinkles are more visible on our face. Sleeping on our back will cause lowest amount of wrinkles.

So stop doing these habits, if you don’t want to look older.

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