7 Hidden Design Features On Stuff You Use Every Day.

There are several everyday items that we could all be using a little more to our advantage. The key is learning to spot and use their special features, which can be difficult because most of them are so cleverly and seamlessly blended into the item that they go unnoticed or look like decoration.

If you have ever wondered about the holes on the sides of your Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars, the indentations at the bottom of wine bottles, or the miniature pockets and rivets on your jeans, for example, look no further. We’ve provided some simple explanations below.

In most of these cases, we do not have to change anything that we are doing. Sometimes it makes enough of a difference to know why these features exist. In doing so, we can appreciate good design. They say that the best designs are the simplest ones and after revisiting these objects, we could not agree more.

1. The straw holder

2. Hole in the lid

hidden uses - pen

A lot of people think the hole in the cap of a ballpoint pen is there to keep the pen from drying out, or that it’s there to keep a pressure balance that prevents the pen from leaking. The real reason it’s there is much more straightforward:

It’s there to lower the risk of suffocation. If a small child was chewing on the cap and choked on it, the hole keeps their airway from closing up entirely.

3. Little holes in the windows of airplanes

That little hole is there for two reasons:

The first reason is to compensate for air pressure. When the plane climbs to cruising altitude, there’s a huge pressure difference between the inside and outside of the plane. The hole is there to regulate some of that difference so that the outer window doesn’t have to do all the work.

The other reason is that it prevents the windows from fogging up.

4. Your pots have holes at the end of the handle?

Not only to hang them, but to hold that messy spoon while you’re cooking up a storm.

5. Miniature Pocket and Rivets on Jeans

hidden uses - jeans

The smallest pocket in your jeans could barely fit your finger and that’s because it was originally meant for a pocket watch. As for the rivets, they look like pointless buttons but they’re actually there to reinforce the seams of the pockets. Pockets are vulnerable to rips so this greatly improves the item’s endurance.

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