I haven’t Ate Sugar For 7 Days! The Results are…

Firstly, who doesn’t likes sugar?  I am not overweight, i eat right, so there is no harm eating candies or some sugary snacks, right? Well, that is what i thought untill i tried to stay away from the sugar for seven days. Too much sugar isn’t just bad, it’s addictive. Dr. Mark Hyman, told CBS News sugar is eight times more addicting than cocaine. When you stimulate the pleasure center in the brain, which is what sugar does, your dopamine levels will spike and you will crave it more and more.

Unhealthy deserts

I believe sugar’s most dangerous quality is how addictive it is. When someone regularly consumes large amounts of sugar, and then goes a short time without it, they will start to experience cravings and withdrawal. These cravings and the withdrawal points to the individual’s dependence on sugar, which is exactly what a drug addict goes through when they need their cocaine to function.

This is how my 7 days past:

First days…

My body has been addicted to sugar (ofcourse by me), so every day i was “starving” for some soda drinks or chocolate. The first two days were really difficult. I was about to give up…

At Day 3, i used sweet fruits like apples, peaches and watermelons to manage my starving. Believed or not, after few days my body was asking about more fruits instead of candys, chocolates, soda and etc.  Success, right?

Sleep and energy 

While i was consuming sugar, no matter how many hours i slept, i always felt tired. During the day, instead of going out, i was sleeping because i felt super tired. At night i couldn’t sleep more than consecutive 4-5 hours. It was really bad. I couldn’t last a whole football game… But without sugar, i don’t feel as fitful throughout the night anymore, and I even slept completely through the night once or twice. (Usually I get up at least once to go to the bathroom.). At the mornings, i was full with energy and I didn’t needed extra sleep during the day, so i spent more time outdoors, running, playing football..

Did I lost weight?

This wasn’t my intent, but I did lose about 1kg in these 7 days. I noticed that the fat on my belly, although there isn’t that much there anyway, slimmed down and my stomach became more sculpted. I also noticed that my chest leaned out a bit. This is interesting, because as an endurance athlete I have at times wondered why I would have much body-fat at all. But if the sugar is hiding in all of these foods that I eat (such as bread and peanut butter) that would make sense.

What have i learned?

Overall, my sugar-free week was a great experience. The biggest takeaway for these 7 days was that I got a detailed look into my prior eating habits. Eating and living healthy is important to me, and this detox gave me the opportunity to see where my eating habits could be improved. This also really opened my eyes to why my seemingly healthy diet at college hasn’t been working for me and, in fact, isn’t so healthy after all. Some of my favorite, go-to foods at school have extremely high sugar contents: vegetable stir-fry, hummus, Naked juice, veggie sausage breakfast sandwiches on bagels, and lime-flavored carbonated water — not to mention, the sugary chasers and late-night weekend snacks.


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Hristijan Author


    Nadia (An Introverted Blogger)

    (August 20, 2017 - 9:26 pm)

    I sometimes feel I should do everything in moderation, but in all honestly, I feel best when I have eliminated sugars from my diet. It does take a while to adjust though.
    Great post!


      (August 20, 2017 - 9:55 pm)

      It is long process to adjust to the changes, but we can the results are worth it.
      We are happy that you like our articles, stay tuned for more!

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